Mauritania operating G1 Aviation light aircraft


Mauritania’s armed forces have taken delivery of several French-made G1 Aviation light aircraft, financed by the European Union.

Two aircraft arrived in mid-September 2021, with the third arriving in November 2021. All three were formally handed over to the Mauritanian Air Force at Nouakchott Air Base in February, Times Aerospace reports.

They were acquired via the French Management Institute for International Security (THEMIIS) and provided under the Ghawdat programme, part of the European Union-sponsored Mauritania security and development support project (PADSM), the publication stated.

The two-seat G1 SPYL-XL aircraft can carry two people as well as a surveillance camera – Mauritanian aircraft are also fitted with satellite phones. The aircraft are designed for rough field operations, and can land in a distance of 30-60 metres. Maximum speed is 165 km/h and endurance up to ten hours.

Two Land Cruiser vehicles and trailers were acquired by Mauritania along with the three SPYL-XLs – the aircraft can be transported by trailer once their wings have been removed.

G1 Aviation has also supplied aircraft to Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.