Libyan Il-76 destroyed by fire


The Libyan Air Force has lost another aircraft, this time an Il-76T transport, which was completely destroyed by fire whilst parked at Mitiga on January 30.

The aircraft is thought to have been set on fire following a night of violent clashes and roadblocks in parts of the capital Tripoli, which is home to Mitiga Air Base, reports the Libya Herald.

In July last year the Libyan Air Force lost an Il-76 transport aircraft to fighting by rival militias at Tripoli’s international airport. On July 16 the Il-76T parked on the apron was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). The aircraft subsequently caught fire and burnt, with only the tail section surviving.

Other Libyan government aircraft that fell victim to crossfire in July included a Libyan Border Patrol Agusta A109E Power, which was destroyed during a rocket attack, while an A109E, parked next to it, was damaged, and a nearby Libyan Police AW139 received minor damage. Some two dozen civil aircraft were also destroyed or severely damaged during fighting at Tripoli International Airport last year.