Libyan aircraft crashes near Tunisian border


An aircraft from Libyan forces controlling Tripoli crashed near the Tunisian border and may have been shot down, Tunisia’s state news agency TAP reported on Friday.

The aircraft went down 5 kilometers from the frontier inside Libya, TAP said, but did not provide any further details. Libyan officials did not immediately confirm the incident.

Libya is embroiled in a battle between two rival governments and their armed forces; one an internationally recognized administration operating out of the east of the country, and the other, a faction that took over the capital Tripoli in the summer. The forces allied with Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni’s recognized government and Tripoli’s armed forces have been conducting air strikes on each other. A jet from Tripoli’s forces last week attacked an airport in the western town of Zintan near the Tunisian border.

The United Nations is trying to negotiate a deal between the factions to form a unity government to stop the North African country’s slide into wider civil war, with Islamist militants increasingly using the chaos to gain a foothold in Libya.