Libyan Air Force Mirage F1 lost in crash


The Libyan Air Force has lost another aircraft, this time a Mirage F1, shrinking its combat fleet further.

The Mirage F1ED belonging to the Government of National Unity crashed 30 km west of Sirte on 2 June after suffering a fuel pump failure, reports Air Forces Daily. The pilot ejected and returned safely to base.

The Libyan Air Force now only has one Mirage F1ED in service, although the remaining aircraft is awaiting a new engine. It is not clear when it will get a new engine as most spares are at al-Watiya Air Base, which was captured by the Libyan National Army in 2014.

According to Air Forces Daily, the Government of National Unity has two MiG-23MLDs, one J-21 and a handful of G-2s and L-39s that are airworthy.