Kaman awarded depot level maintenance contract for Egyptian SH-2s


Kaman Aerosystems has been awarded a three year contract for the establishment of depot level maintenance capabilities for the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) SH-2G(E) helicopter program.

The contract was announced on 13 July and awarded to Kaman’s Air Vehicles and MRO (AVMRO) unit via the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). The contract has a potential value of $3.6 million, which includes a $2.3 million year one baseline and two follow-on option years having a combined estimated value of $1.3 million.
“We are pleased to enter the next phase of the Egyptian Air Force’s SH-2G(E) program. This is the next step in what we expect will continue to be a meaningful long-term effort to support the Egyptians in operating their highly capable SH-2 fleet,” stated Jim Larwood, President, Kaman Aerosystems.

The depot capability will be established at the Egyptian Air Force’s (EAF’s) Helwan Aviation Depot Workshop, near Cairo. The contract will provide the EAF with management, engineering, and logistics services to maintain aircraft readiness, aircraft system readiness, and the integrated logistics support elements associated with the sustainment of the SH-2G(E) program, Kaman said. “Providing the EAF with depot level capabilities further enhances the EAF’s ability to directly support its fleet of SH-2G(E) aircraft.”

The EAF currently operates ten SH-2G(E) Super Seasprite helicopters. The platform, which the EAF originally acquired in 1998, underwent a multi-year maintenance and modernization program that concluded in 2014. The EAF recently acquired seven Excess Defense Article (EDA) SH-2G aircraft from NAVAIR, which could ultimately increase their flying fleet to seventeen aircraft.

The SH-2G is a multi-mission maritime weapon system designed to fulfill anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASuW), over the horizon targeting, surveillance, troop transport, vertical replenishment, search and rescue, and utility missions. The SH-2G Super Seasprite is currently operated by the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Egyptian Air Force and the Polish Navy.