Introducing TTX-15: The low cost multi-mission Uncrewed Aerial System


TTX-15 is a collaboration between British military aviation specialists and the Czech aerospace company Pure Flight s.r.o to produce a low cost, uncomplex, MALE (medium-altitude long endurance), multi-mission UAS (unmanned aerial system). The aircraft is equipped with an internal modular payload cassette that can be easily swapped to suit various mission requirements. Its name is inspired by the tetrodotoxin (TTX) venom of the blue-ringed octopus, and like its namesake, the aircraft is a powerful and versatile asset in any operational environment.

The aircraft’s standout feature is its internal modular payload cassette, which provides an unmatched level of flexibility and adaptability to mission planners. The cassette can be quickly swapped to integrate various payloads, such as loitering munitions, decoys, and sonobuoys. In addition, the aircraft can be disassembled for storage or shipping inside a 40-foot container or towed behind a Land Rover with a road trailer and readied for flight by a team of three people in under 30 minutes. This unique feature allows it to be quickly deployed to any location, including unprepared strips, making it an ideal choice for missions that require rapid response.

TTX-15 is a modification of Pure Flight’s EASA/FAA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency/Federal Aviation Authority) certified U-15 Phoenix motor glider, converting it into a STANAG-4671 compliant UAS. The system’s low cost and uncomplex training needs analysis makes it an accessible solution for government operations on all continents.

The aircraft’s ability to remain airborne for over 10 hours make it an ideal platform for medium altitude, long endurance operations. Its internal modular payload cassette can carry 9 loitering munitions, which can each deliver an 8 kg HE (high explosive) warhead an additional 200 miles from the aircraft, or electronic warfare decoys to confuse and disrupt radar systems at stand-off range. With a change of the cassette, the aircraft can carry up to 16 sonobuoys to improve situational awareness in the naval environment. Shipborne operations make the aircraft a force multiplier in the maritime domain.

TTX Uncrewed Systems is a British company developing a suite of uncrewed capabilities across the maritime and airborne domains which are set to revolutionise low cost warfighting and subsurface security. The company said “The development of TTX-15 will represent a step forward into a new generation of more accessible and equally capable uncrewed systems, and we are excited to announce further developments in the future”.

For more information, email TTX Uncrewed Systems public affairs office at [email protected].

The TTX-15 is based on the U-15 Phoenix motor glider.