Indra setting up air traffic radar network in Tunisia


Spain’s Indra has been awarded a contract to establish a radar network in Tunisia for air traffic control and aerial surveillance.

The company on 11 November said that Tunisia’s air navigation services provider, OACA, has entrusted Indra with the introduction of a new radar system to reinforce it and to prepare for the post-pandemic recovery.

“Indra has been working with OACA for more than a decade in the design of a sky fully adapted to its needs, which has allowed it to provide a top-drawer service in such a difficult situation as the present one,” the company said.

Indra has worked for twelve years without interruption with the Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (OACA, Office de l’Aviation Civile et des Aéroports), modernising its air traffic management systems.

In the context of the current pandemic, which has had an impact on the sector and reduced traffic all over the world, OACA is working alongside Indra on the introduction of a secondary radar that will replace the current working system. It will be located in Akouda, a few kilometres from the tourist destination city of Sousse.

This helps OACA reinforce the already dense network of eight primary and secondary radars and several ADS-B systems provided by Indra that make up the surveillance of the country’s 163 000 square kilometres.

“The sensor network provides a high precision and quality traffic vision to the control centre of the city of Tunis, which manages all the domestic flights on routes, as well as to the rest of the approach centres. Both the control centre in Tunis and the approach centre on the island of Djerba currently operate with the Indra Air Automation system,” Indra said.