Illegal strike at SAA


An illegal strike by members of an unregistered trade union outside SAA offices did not cause any disruptions to the national carrier’s operations.

About 50 members of the National Transport Movement (NTM) gathered in the SAA parking area earlier today but dispersed after a few hours.
“There were no disruptions to the flight schedule and all operations continued as normal,” SAA communications manager Dileseng Koetle said.

SAA management met with NTM at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration four times in December to conclude the verification process to allow the union to be recognised by the airline.
“The Commissioner confirmed in his report the union has 1 111 members and needs to have 1 220 to meet 30% of 4 065 employees who are part of the bargaining unit. This confirmed NTM failed to meet the 30% threshold and is why NTM remains unrecognised at SAA,” she said.