IAI, Morocco sign aeronautical Memorandum of Understanding


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Morocco have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covering the aeronautical sector as part of the implementation of the December 2020 Joint Declaration between Morocco and Israel.

The MoU was announced by IAI on 23 March, and was signed during a meeting between the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Amir Peretz.

In the Joint Declaration, the two countries expressed their willingness to promote dynamic and innovative bilateral economic cooperation in the fields of investment and technology.

The MoU includes, on the Moroccan side, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry Delegate to the Head of Government, in charge of Investment, Convergence and Evaluation of Public Policies, and, on the Israeli side, IAI.

As part of the partnership, Morocco and IAI have identified investment opportunities focusing on 3D printing, the manufacture of cabin interiors and engine parts and aerostructures, as well as the establishment of an R&D and engineering center and the development of an ecosystem of local suppliers through sourcing partnerships with IAI.

During its stay in Morocco, the IAI delegation visited, on Tuesday 22 March, the aeronautical centre of Nouaceur to learn about the achievements of the Moroccan aviation industry and its rise in skills, the investment potential in Morocco in the sector as well as the capacity for local development in the maintenance and transformation of aircraft.

During this visit, the Israeli delegation also visited the Institute of Aeronautical Professions (IMA) where it was able to appreciate the competence and technicality of Moroccan talents, IAI said.

“This is a strategic partnership for both countries that we are sealing today. It opens the way for win-win industrial collaboration in the aerospace industry. This partnership leverages IAI’s aviation expertise and the technological capabilities of our aerospace platform and its positioning as a growth driver for the investment and development in advanced industrial and aeronautical services sectors,” said Mezzour. He stressed that this agreement responds to national priorities to promote advanced training, employment, local manufacturing, as well as R&D and innovation.

Peretz said: “The MoU we are signing today is an additional step in creating a new partnership between IAI and the aviation and space industries in Morocco. I am familiar with the incredible potential that exists in Morocco, and this is just the beginning. Together, we will build joint teams that will turn our vision into reality. Today, I am filled with pride that my country, Israel, is coming together with the country I was born in, Morocco. I am proud that both countries that make up my identity are stepping forward, together, towards a brighter future. Aligned with our mutual values, the friendship between our nations will continue growing as we bring forward more cooperation and opportunities.”

For his part, IAI President and CEO, Boaz Levy said: “The cooperation agreement, signed between IAI and Morocco, is another expression of the deep partnership between the two countries and will help promote joint and commercial projects in the aviation industry. As part of its strategy, IAI expands its business into new markets and provides advanced technology solutions to customers around the whole world. We are proud to sign this agreement and believe it is a partnership that will lead to new joint developments and advance the global aviation industry.”