“H” generation Airbus Helicopters


Airbus Helicopters has changed names for its fleet of production aircraft with an “H” replacing the “EC” designation for most of its rotary-winged aircraft.

The iconic AStar also changes and will be known as the H125 rather than the AS350.

Airbus Helicopters president and chief executive Guillaume Faury said the new naming convention followed the lead set buy Airbus’ fixed wing division including aircraft such as A320, A380 and A350. The company will also follow the example set by Airbus for its military aircraft with an “M following the civilian designation. This will see the EC725 become known as the H225M.

Faury said the new convention would help position the company’s helicopters in its range, and would open up new naming possibilities; previously, the last digit of the “AS” or “EC” names were related to the number of engines. With the single-engine AS350 becoming the H125.

Pilots, mechanics and operators tied to the “AStar” and “TwinStar” names need not worry — the aircraft will retain these nicknames, as will the H225 Super Puma and the H155 Dauphin.

The new designations include EC120 to H120; AS350 B3e to H125; EC130 to H130; EC135 to H135; EC145 to H145; EC155 to H155; EC175 to H175 and EC225 to H225.