Gallery: Zandspruit air show


After its inaugural event in 2013, the Zandspruit air show returned to Hoedspruit on Saturday.

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Several dozen aircraft, as well as skydivers, took part in the air show hosted at the Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate just outside Hoedspruit, with many of the jets flying from the nearby Air Force Base Hoedspruit.

Energetic helicopter displays were flown by a Bell 407, Robinson R-44 and South African Air Force AgustaWestland A109. A Working on Fire Huey demonstrated its firefighting routine with a water drop, as did a Working on Fire Air Tractor.

Apart from the A109, the South African Air Force’s only other contribution was the Silver Falcons aerobatic display team, which performed morning and afternoon displays. Other display teams to show off their precision flying skills were the Eqstra Flying Lions, Team Torre, Kittyhawks and Goodyear Eagles, with the Flying Lions Harvards performing an evening display.

Individual pilots also wowed the crowds with their aircraft, such as Nigel Hopkins in his MX2 and Johnnie Smith in his Sbach. Hopkins later raced the Bell 407 with his MX2. Other participants included a Boeing Stearman, Waco biplane, two Bat Hawk light aircraft, three T-28 Trojans and the P-51 ‘Mustang Sally’. The latter four aircraft performed several displays in formation.

Although dominated by piston engine aircraft, the Zandspruit air show also featured parachute drops and jets, namely an Impala, L-29 Delphin and L-39 Albatross. These jets all flew in formation in the afternoon while the L-39 flew in an unusual formation with a Boeing Stearman.