Gallery: Airlink Adrenaline Show 2017


On 10 and 11 June Wonderboom airport hosted the second annual Airlink Adrenaline Show, which featured a spectacular lineup of civil and military aircraft as well as bikes and cars that entertained the crowds.
2017’s show for the first time featured South African Air Force (SAAF) participation, with the Silver Falcons aerobatic team and a Gripen fighter jet taking to the skies, including in a special formation.

Paramount’s Ahrlac prototype performed for the crowd on both Saturday and Sunday, flying with a Cessna 337. The organisers pulled out all the stops, and the lineup included many noteworthy events, such as a jet car melting another car with its exhaust; an Alouette II helicopter carrying and delivering a motorcycle; an inverted parachute drop; car vs aircraft racees; a Huey dropping a Jeep that had been ‘illegally parked’; and truck-top landing by a Piper Cub.

One of the most spectacular stunts was an motorcycle ramping over Nigel Hopkins’ Extra 330, which aptly concluded the show.
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