French C-160 makes forced landing in Zimbabwe


A French Air Force C-160 Transall cargo aircraft performed an emergency landing at Masvingo Airport in Zimbabwe after experiencing engine trouble.

The aircraft landed on Saturday night after developing a technical problem while flying over south-eastern Zimbabwe from South Africa, reports Zimbabwe’s News Day.

Civil aviation and intelligence sources told local media that the aircraft, which had prior official clearance to over-fly Zimbabwe, was laden with military equipment believed to be bound for the French peace-keeping force in the Central Africa Republic (CAR).

The aircraft was scheduled to stop for refuelling at Harare International Airport before another stop in the Zambian capital Lusaka. The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) said the aircraft left Masvingo Airport around midday on Sunday and proceeded to Harare with all 10 crew members after technicians fixed the faulty engine.

It later continued into Zambian airspace after the scheduled refuelling stop.