French Air Force rotates Mirage 2000s in Niger


The French Air Force has rotated two of its four Mirage 2000C fighter jets in Niamey, Niger, serving with Operation Barkhane.

The French Air Force said that the aircraft deployed to Base Aérienne 101 Niamey, Niger, on 2 July to replace two of the four Mirage 2000Ds stationed there. The aircraft were refuelled by C135 aircraft and made a stopover in Dakar, Senegal, before arriving on 3 July.

The French Air Force said the four Mirage 2000s were tasked with ground attack missions using GBU12 and Mk 82 bombs.

On July 3, the same day as they had arrived, a joint patrol mission was carried out by a combined formation of the two variants. Two days later, the first operational mission was flown.

France also has General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles deployed in Niger as part of Operate Barkhane, amongst other assets.