Farnborough Air Show 2018 at a glance: civil aviation


Here is a roundup of civil aviation news from the Farnborough Air Show that took place between 16 and 22 July.

On July 19, AirAsiaX ordered an additional 34 A330neo aircraft, bringing its total order to 100 A330-900s. Deliveries are expected to begin in Q4. The A330-900s will be stationed at the company’s three bases in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

On July 19, an unnamed company already customer of Boeing ordered 100 737 MAX, worth $11.7bn.

On July 19, Airbus announced a new agreement with a customer who did not wish to be identified for 10 A320neo aircraft. The aircraft are worth $1.1 bn.

On July 19, two unidentified companies committed to 15 B787-9. One is a new Boeing customer, the other is already operating the aircraft and wants to expand its fleet. The aircraft are worth $4.2 bn.

On July 19, VietJet signed a MoU with Airbus for the acquisition of an additional 50 A321neo aircraft. Once finalized, it will bring the Vietnamese airline’s order book to 129 Airbus, including 123 A321neo and six A321ceo. It currently operates 59 A320 family aircraft.

On July 19, Hawaiian Airlines finalized its 787-9 order. The agreement covers the acquisition of 10 aircraft worth $2.82bn and includes purchase rights for an additional 10 aircraft.

On July 19, Boeing announced first direct order with leasing company Novus Aviation Capital. It covers up to four 777-300ERs worth $1.44 billion.

On July 18, Airbus won its first A330neo order from the show. A company that did not wish to reveal its identity signed a MoU with the aircraft manufacturer to equip its fleet with 6 aircraft.

On July 18, VietJet has signed a new MoU with Boeing to acquire MAX 100,737, ranging from MAX 80,737 10 to MAX 20 8. The aircraft are worth $12.7bn. The y come in addition to a previous agreement for a hundred MAX 8.

On July 18, VivaAerobus finalized a modification to its initial Airbus A320neo order. The Mexican company converted 16 A320neo to A321neo and added an additional 25 A321neo to its contract. Its order book now includes 80 A320 family aircraft, divided between 15 A320ceo, 24 A320neo and 41 A321neo. The choice for the A321neo engine has not yet been announced.

On July 18, Boeing announces commitments for 93 Boeing 737 MAX 8s from 4 customers (leasing companies and carrier). One of these customers has committed to the “high-capacity version” of the aircraft and has ordered some 40 copies. Single aisles are worth almost $11bn.

On July 18, Uganda Airlines signed a MoU with Airbus to acquire 2 A330-800 aircraft. The 261-seat tri-classe configuration will enable the new Ugandan national airline to launch long-haul operations.

On July 17, Airbus announced it signed a contract with a customer who wished to remain anonymous for 8 A350-900s worth $2.5 bn.

On July 17, Republic Airways signed a LoI with Embraer to acquire 100 E175s. It comes with rights to convert these aircraft to their E2 version and purchase rights for about 100 additional aircraft. The value of the order could reach 9.3bn dollars.

On July 17, Volga-Dnepr Group entered into several agreements with Boeing to expand its subsidiaries fleet and optimize their operations. For the fleet portion, it signed a LoI to integrate 29,777F worth $9.8bn into the CargoLogicHolding fleet and confirmed an order for 5 B747-8F ($2bn). Under another agreement, the two groups undertake to explore other solutions for the fleet, such as the possibility of acquiring new 767 freighters or converted aircraft such as the 737-800 BCF.

On July 17, Peach announced the conversion of 2 A320neo to A321LR. The company ordered 10 A320neo aircraft in Nov. 2016 had already considered the acquisition of A321LR when it announced its forthcoming merger with Vanilla Air. Orders now cover 8 A320neo and 2 A321LRs, and could be enriched by 8 additional A321LRs. The units are expected to be delivered in FY2020.

On July 17, Mauritania Airlines signed a firm order for 2 Embraer 175 aircraft valued at $93.8 million. The aircraft will be converted into a 76-seater bi-class configuration and delivered in 2019.

On July 17, Air Lease signed agreements with Boeing to acquire up to 78 aircraft, ranging from 75 B737 MAX 8 to 3 B787-9. The Dreamliner and the first twenty 737 MAX are the subject of a firm order. The remaining 55 B737MAX have yet to see their contract finalized. The 78 aircraft have an estimated value of $9.6 billion.

On July 17, a customer signed a MoU for the acquisition of approximately 100 A320neo family aircraft, divided between 75 A320neo and 25 A321neo. Airbus stresses that its name is already on its order book for a previous contract for A320neo aircraft.

On July 17, Helvetic Airways has signed a LoI with Embraer to introduce 12 E190-E2s into its fleet. It includes the right to purchase twelve additional copies of the unit and the option of converting them to E195-E2. The value of theaircraft is estimated at $1.5bn. The first 12 aircraft in the order will replace five Fokker 100 and seven E190 between 2019 and 2021. The optional aircraft are intended to enable it to seize opportunities.

On July 17, Aviation Capital Group signed a new agreement with Boeing to acquire 20 B737 MAX 8 aircraft valued at $2.34 bn. The contract details have yet to be finalized before the aircraft are added to the aircraft manufacturer’s order book and bring its commitments to a hundred MAX 737, variants 8, 9 and 10.

On July 17, Airbus announced that Moxy Airways would base its operations on the A220-300 (ex-CS300). The contractor signed a MoU for the acquisition of 60 aircraft. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2021.

On July 17, Seacons Trading has signed an agreement with Boeing to acquire a BBJ MAX 7. This agreement brings the total number of BBJ MAX orders to approximately 20, with deliveries expected to begin this year.

On July 17, Wataniya Airways signed a firm order to acquire ten E195-E2, with purchase rights for an additional ten copies. The 20 aircraft have a total value of $1.3bn and are to be delivered starting in 2020. They will be arranged in a 118-seat bi-class configuration.

On July 17, Boeing disclosed a new agreement with GECAS in which the leasing company plans to acquire up to 35 B737-800 BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter). Twenty are on firm order and fifteen are optional. If the options were converted, the agreement would bring GECAS’s order book on this model to 50, for a total value of $1.5 bn. It would bring the total order book for the program to 80 aircraft.

On July 17, Boeing confirmed that Vistara committed to an order for 6 B787-9 aircraft, with options on 4 additional aircraft. Their value is estimated at $2.8 bn. The Tata Group, which created the Indian airline with Singapore Airlines, announced the acquisition last week, at the same time as the launch of long-haul operations.

On July 17, Azul signed a LoI to acquire 21 E195-E2 for $1.4 bn. The Brazilian company will be the launch operator of the aircraft in 2019, bringing its commitments to 51 aircraft.

On July 17, Embraer announces that a Spanish company that did not wish to be identified has signed a letter of intent for three E195-E2 and two options. The agreement could reach a value of $342mn.

Airbus is working on a further A350-1000 range increase which Qatar Airways said July 17 it expects to create a “huge competitor” to the aircraft’s rival, the Boeing 777-300ER. The manufacturer recently boosted the maximum take-off weight by 5t (11,000lb) to 316t, which is available on all aircraft through paperwork changes and does not include any fuel-capacity increase.

On July 17, Embraer signed a letter of intent with Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) for three E190 aircraft valued at $156 million. NAC already owns 134 E-Jets.

On July 16, Airbus confirmed that Sichuan Airlines placed an order for 10 A350s. The agreement, announced in Feb., is accompanied by a leasing contract for 4 additional aircraft, deliveries of which will begin this year.

On July 16, Boeing announced that DHL placed an order for 14 B777F worth 4.7bn dollars. It comes with purchase rights on 7 additional aircraft. Some of the aircraft were on the manufacturer’s order book but their customer had not been identified.

On July 16, United Airlines announced the signing of a new agreement with Embraer to acquire 25 E175s. The aircraft, valued at $1.1 billion, are scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2019 and will replace 25 CRJ 700s currently operated by partners under the United Express brand.

On July 16, Starlux Airlines signed a MoU with Airbus for the acquisition of 12 A350-1000 and 5 A350-900 aircraft. The company previously entered into leasing contracts for 10 A321neo aircraft and plans to launch its operations in early 2020 on medium-haul and in 2022 on long-haul.

On July 16, Jackson Square Aviation ordered thirty MAX 737 worth $3.5bn, signing its first direct contract with an aircraft manufacturer. The aircraft for the leasing company were on the aircraft manufacturer’s order book but the customer had not been identified On July 16, Airbus has confirmed the contract announced by the Tata group last week for the acquisition of 50 A320neo family aircraft for Vistara. The LoI concerns 13 aircraft and is accompanied by leasing contracts for 37 additional aircraft. All will be powered by CFM International.

On July 16, Qatar Airways finalized the acquisition of 5 B777F, valued at 1.7bn dollars. The preliminary agreement was unveiled in Apr. The aircraft will expand Qatar Airways Cargo’s current fleet of 13 777F and two 747-8F aircraft, as well as eight A330 cargo aircraft.

On July 16, Golden Falcon Aviation confirmed its order of 25 A320neo family aircraft (the distribution between models is not yet determined) for Wataniya Airways. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2022.

On July 16, Goshawk Aviation Leasing, a joint venture between NWS Holdings Limited and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, signed an order for 20 A320neo aircraft. Motorisation has not yet been defined.

On July 16, United Airlines has decided to acquire 4 new B787-9s, valued at $1.1bn. The aircraft were already on the aircraft manufacturer’s order book and will be delivered from 2020.

On July 16, a leasing company signed a MoU with Airbus to acquire 80 A320neo family aircraft. It did not wish to reveal its identity or make any choice for the engine.

On July 16, TAROM has officially signed an order for 5 B737 MAX 8, worth 586mn dollars. The aircraft were already on Boeing’s order book but TAROM had not been identified as a customer.

On July 16, a subsidiary of Macquarie AirFinance signed a firm order for 20 A320neo, integrating in turn the list of customers of the reengined single-aisle. It already owns 110 Airbus A320 family and nine A330. The choice of engine has not yet been made.

On July 16, Goshawk Aviation decided to move away from its leasing model of leasing contracts only and has also signed a direct order with Boeing. It committed to 20 B737 MAX 8s worth $2.3bn, which were already on the aircraft manufacturer’s order book without being identified as a customer.

On July 16, GOL decided to transform 30 of its 120 B737 MAX 8 into B737 MAX 10 in order to acquire additional capacities and more flexibility. The company also chose to increase its order to add 15 B737 MAX 8 more. Deliveries will extend until 2028.

On July 16, SalamAir signed up on 6 A320neo, which will join its fleet currently composed of three A320ceo. Five of the aircraft are leased.

On July 16, Boeing and Jet Airways have again confirmed and officially signed an order from the Indian airline for 75,737 MAX 8. The aircraft are worth $8.8bn and were already on the aircraft manufacturer’s order book with Jet Airways identified as their customer.

Ugandan government signed a firm purchase order for four CRJ900s valued at $190mn to launch operations of its new flag carrier. Uganda Airlines should convert its aircraft into a 76-seater bi-class configuration.

Hokkaido Air System, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, signed a MoU for the acquisition of 2 ATR 42-600 aircraft with an option for an additional aircraft. The ATR 42-600 will be delivered from 2020 and will replace the Saab 340 currently in service.

EasyFly has decided to acquire five new 600 series ATRs to further modernize its fleet. The MoU signed with the aircraft manufacturer covers three ATR 72-600s and two ATR 42-600s, which will replace Jetstream 41s.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft announces that start-up AeroPeru has signed a LoI to acquire SSJ 100. The company is scheduled to start operations in 2020. The agreement could cover about ten aircraft and be accompanied by Irkut’s MC-21.

Written by ADIT – The Bulletin and republished with permission.