FAA seeks certain safety work on Boeing jets

US aviation regulators want airlines to replace a certain fuel system part and conduct structural inspections on nearly 1500 Boeing Co jetliners.
In proposed directives, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) asks that airlines replace fuel pump parts on nearly 700 Boeing 757s and inspect more than 780 newer model 737s for tiny fuselage scratches.
Boeing said last week it recommended to regulators that both steps be taken as part of ongoing safety programs for the fleet.
On the fuel system modification, the FAA wants airlines to replace certain parts so power would be cut to the pump in the event of an electrical short or other wiring problem.
Boeing, the FAA and airlines have worked for years to reduce chances that electrical shorts could ignite fuel vapours. Other models have undergone similar changes. The effort stems from a fuel tank explosion that destroyed TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747, in 1996.
On structural inspections, the FAA wants airlines to check for small scratches on newer generation 737s that may have occurred during maintenance or in flight. Safety experts say scratches should be addressed before they become cracks.

Pic: Boeing 737