Eurocopter showcases newly upgraded EC130 T2’s


Eurocopter’s newest lightweight single engine helicopter – the EC130 T2 – is completing a two-week demo tour in several European countries.

Unveiled at Heli Expo 2012 in Dallas, where it registered a total of 105 bookings, the new version of the EC130 light helicopter was awarded EASA certification in May of 2012 and FAA certification on July of 2012. The first EC130 T2 was delivered last week to Maverick Aviation Group, a leader in the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tourism industry, which placed an order for 50 of the newly enhanced aircraft.

The EC130 T2 demo tour, which began in Evian (France) on September 27, will allow the new aircraft to show off its performances for clients and operators through flight demonstrations in Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden before finishing up the tour in Norway on October 15.

On average, some 50 customers per day will have the opportunity to fly onboard the new EC130 T2, the latest version of the proven EC130. The demonstrations will permit commercial customers from various market segments to discover the enhanced flight characteristics of the new aircraft, and special attention will be paid to showcase the capabilities of the EC130 T2 to perform aerial and utility work as well as passenger transportations in mountainous areas (Swiss and Italian Alps) as well as in low altitude conditions (Nordic countries), Eurocopter said.

The EC130 T2 features an upgraded gearbox and a new Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine, providing 10 percent more average power than the engine used in the previous EC130 B4 version. Performance improvements for the EC130 T2 include a higher maximum gross takeoff weight (2,500 kg for internal loads and 3,050 kg when carrying external loads) and a speed increase of 10 knots. The helicopter features a cargo swing able to lift up to 1,500 kg.