Embraer signs agreement to train Moroccan aeronautical engineers


Embraer and the Mohammed VI International Aviation Academy (AIAC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the training of Moroccan aeronautical engineers.

The agreement was signed on 25 July at AIAC Headquarters in Casablanca.

According to the MoU, Embraer will contribute with its experience as an OEM, training engineers in Brazil. The Company will work closely with AIAC to identify and implement initiatives to develop world-class training programs for engineers in aeronautics related fields, in this region of Africa, Embraer said.
“We are pleased with the opportunity to share with AIAC our expertise in the preparation of highly skilled engineers to address the challenges of such a demanding industry like aerospace,” said Humberto Pereira, Embraer Vice President for Engineering and Technology. “As a leader in commercial aviation, and with 46 years of experience in designing and manufacturing aircraft that operate in more than sixty countries, we are always honored to share our knowledge with organizations that aim to play an important role in such a competitive industry.”

At the occasion, Abdellah Menou, the Managing Director of AIAC, stated that “this MoU with Embraer represents an important step in our strategy of working with globally renowned organizations, such as Embraer, willing to collaborate and to support us in our goal of preparing aeronautical engineers in Morocco, with world-class standards.”

The Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation (AIAC) is an institution of higher education. Founded in 2000 by his Majesty The King Mohammed VI, its mission is to train pilots, air traffic controllers, safety personnel, and engineers, with courses in computer engineering, and manufacturing. The Academy is under the administration of the National Airport Authority “ONDA” and under the supervision of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport.