Egyptian F-16 engine upgrade underway


General Electric Aviation has started upgrading F110 engines for the Egyptian Air Force’s F-16 fleet.

General Electric Aviation said on 26 July that the first F110-100 engine was overhauled last week and a ceremony held in San Antonio to mark the occasion, with personnel from the United States Air Force (USAF), Egyptian Air Force, General Electric, StandardAero and DLA-Aviation attending.

In May, the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Aviation and the USAF awarded a Pacer Pharaoh Programme support contract to GE Aviation valued at more than $79 million for Engine Structural Integrity Programme (ENSIP) repair and Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP) upgrades of F110-100A and B engines to the F110-100C.

The F110-100C SLEP upgrades critical components, including the combustor, high pressure turbine, compressor and augmentor. These enhancements combine to extend the service life of the engine, reduce operating cost, increase reliability and improve safety. The programme is designed to provide a significant time-on-wing increase, 25% improvement in cost per flight hour, and a 50% extension in engine phase inspections, General Electric Aviation said.

This is the first F110 engine maintenance, repair and overhaul relationship between GE and Standard Aero. It will allow GE to provide complete SLEP/ENSIP repair capability to their customers. StandardAero will provide engine level disassembly, reassembly and test portion of the workscopes. GE will provide engineering, material and the depot-level repair support at its facility in Winfield, Kansas.

In October 2018, General Electric Aviation was awarded a $275 million contract to upgrade the engines of Egypt’s F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet. Work was expected to be completed by 30 October 2023.

The F110-GE-100 engine is the alternate power plant for the Block 30/32/40 variants of the F-16, powering the fighter from 1985 after the US Air Force encountered maintenance problems with the original Pratt & Whitney F100.

According to Jane’s, the Egyptian Air Force received 36 F110-GE-100-powered F-16C and 81 F110-GE-100-powered F-16D Block 40 aircraft between October 1991 and June 2001, as well as other F100-PW-220 powered F-16s.

The Egyptian Air Force is one of the largest F-16 operators in the world, with 220 aircraft in service. It is Egypt’s primary frontline fighter, although it is being supplemented by Dassault Rafales and MiG-29s.