Egypt orders three Airbus Military C295 aircraft


The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) will next year take delivery of the first of three Airbus Military C295  military transports. The north African state signed a contract with Airbus Military for the purchase of the three aircraft on Friday.

The aircraft will be used to increase the EAF’s capacity in tactical and logistic transport, an Airbus Military statement avers. It adds the EAF selected the C295 because of its ease of maintenance and proven operational capabilities, especially in desert areas as well as its versatility and adaptability in the most varied type of conditions and operations.

Airbus Military adds 85 C295 have been ordered by 13 customers, including Algeria, which operates six in the transport and maritime patrol role. Sixty-four are currently flying in 11 countries.

The C295 will serve alongside a mixed EAF transport fleet that includes three Antonov 24 “Coke”, nine Antonov 74 “Coaler, nine De Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo as well as 24 Lockheed Martin C130 “Hercules”.

The wikipedia notes the C-295 twin-turboprop is a further development of the commercially successful Spanish–Indonesian transport aircraft CASA CN-235 with a stretched fuselage, 50% more payload capability and new Pratt & Whitney PW127G turboprop engines. It made its maiden flight in 1998. In troop transport mode, it can carry up to 75 soldiers. In cargo configuraton it can carry five 108×88″ pallets,including one on the ramp) or 10 of the smaller 88×54″ pallets. The medevac version can take as many as 27 stretchers. The aircraft can also carry up to three light LandRover-type vehicles. The maritime patrol version can sustain 12 hours on surveillance and carry armament on up to six underwing stations.

The aircraft is being marketed in South Africa where it may be considered for transport and maritie tasks under Project Saucepan.