Egypt confirms it is operating Mi-24 attack helicopters


The Egyptian military is operating the Mi-24 ‘Hind’ attack helicopter, with the Egyptian Ministry of Defence showing the type in active service.

A video, released on 13 January, showed two of the helicopters taking part in the Qadir 2020 exercises and flying alongside Egyptian Sea King helicopters.

It is believed that at least one squadron of Mi-24Vs has been in service since 2017, with as many as 12 aircraft acquired. Satellite imagery showed what appeared to be several Mi-24s near Alexandria in late 2017. The aircraft may have been acquired from the Ukraine.

Video released by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence also showed AH-64 Apaches taking part in the Qadir 2020 military exercise, together with Ka-52 attack helicopters (flying off Egypt’s landing helicopter docks). Many other different types are taking part in the exercise, including the Air Force’s new MiG-29M/M2 fighters, which were seen refuelling Rafales with hose and drogue refuelling kits.

The Qadir 2020 exercise on the Mediterranean coast has seen all branches of the Egyptian military take part, including Border Guard and Special Forces.

Egypt now has three dedicated attack helicopter types in service: the Mi-24, Ka-52 and AH-64. The country’s military is a large user of Mil helicopters, including approximately 50 Mi-8/Mi-8Ts and armed Mi-17V-5. In late 2018 Russian Helicopters said it was establishing a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility for Mi-8/17 helicopters in Egypt.