EADS gets three-month moratorium on A400M

Seven countries have signed a three-month moratorium on the A400M military plane, a French Defence Ministry spokesman confirmed on Tuesday, formalising a reprieve which was offered to planemaker Airbus last month.
Seven countries — Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and non-EU member Turkey — had in March agreed a three-month moratorium to prevent automatic cancellation of the 20 billion euro ($25.81 billion) contract, Reuters reports.
For Airbus, which is owned by EADS, the moratorium is a reprieve amid a delay in delivery of the A400M military transport plane, with governments deliberating whether to scrap Europe’s biggest arms project.
The seven countries have ordered a total of 180 of the A400M planes, and some countries, notably Germany and Britain, have expressed anger over delays of 3-4 years on the delivery of the plane, which could cause billions of euros in penalties.