Drones helping traffic control in Kosovo


Kosovo police are using drones to catch drivers who ignore traffic signs in an attempt to reduce casualties.

Since January the small Balkan country has introduced a new law imposing heavy fines and police are patrolling with unmarked cars.

Two police officers launched a black and white drone just outside Pristina where after few minutes they filmed a driver overtaking another car over a solid white line on a bridge above the Pristina-Skopje highway.

The driver looked confused when a policeman approached with an iPad to show him the video from the drone.

A driver who commits such an offence must pay a fine of up to 300 euros, have his licence confiscated for six months and loses two out of nine driving licence points.

The average monthly gross salary in Kosovo is around 500 euros.
“This unit with drones is identifying people who pass the solid white line where overtaking is prohibited and also identifies those who driving through red traffic lights,” said police sergeant Qerim Hetemi.

He said the new methods helped cut the death toll on Kosovo’s roads to 82 in the January-August period this year from 85 in the same period in 2017.

The number of people injured on the roads in January-August this year stood at 8,312, down slightly from the previous year, in a country with a total population of 1.8 million.

The most deadly months are July and August, when people living abroad, mainly in EU member states, return to Kosovo for holidays.

Careless driving, old cars and bad road signs are the main reasons for high number of accidents.