Denel Overberg telemetry support for South American space launch


Another show of international confidence in Denel’s ability comes with the tasking of two telemetry specialists to French Guiana where they will track the launch of the second Vega space mission.

Leon Korkie and Deon van der Hoven from the Overberg Test Range are accompanying a high-tech mobile telemetry station to the South American country. Once in country they will set it up, integrate it with the French Space Agency telemetry kit and participate in qualification of the telemetry network prior to supporting the mission itself.
“Our participation in the mid-April launch is further confirmation of international confidence in Denel’s expertise, resourcefulness and experience in space science. This has all been developed over the past 10 years,” said Overberg chief executive Abrie van der Walt.

The Denel mobile telemetry station will be used to improve coverage of the powered phase of the ascent shortly after launch from the Guiana Space Centre near Kourou until it disappears over the horizon.

The Vega mission will carry two satellites, one of them a demonstration one, into a polar orbit. The launch vehicle was developed by the European Space agency and the April launch of Vega VV02 follows the successful launch of VV01 in February last year.
“The Overberg telemetry group completed preparation of the mobile telemetry station in record time and it’s now ready to leave for French Guiana. This is another example of the responsive and reliable service we provide to international clients,” Overberg project manager Japie Venter said.

The Overberg Test Range already has three successful space support missions under its belt. They are part of a five year contract with the French Space Agency for telemetry launch tracking of future European space launches.