Denel exploring C-390 opportunity

Denel Saab Aerostructures (DSA) says it is speaking to Brazilian planemaker Embraer about participation in its C-390 military transport aircraft programme.
Denel exploring C-390 opportunity
Denel Saab Aerostructures (DSA) says it is speaking to Brazilian planemaker Embraer about participation in its C-390 military transport aircraft programme.
But DSA CEO Lana Kinley says the talk is “nothing new” and has not yet resulted in anything concrete, partly as the C-390 programme itself has not yet graduated from the drawing board.
“We have no formal contractual relationship with Embraer,” she says, “Embraer has not specified their supplier arrangements for the C-390 yet.
“With the delay and expense of the Airbus A400M, as well as the cost of the Boeing C-17 and Lockheed Martin C-130J, there just may be more opportunities for Embraer to sell the C-390 and with that, an increase in participation for the SA aerospace industry,” Kinley adds.
“We are very interested in having Embraer as a customer and in being a risk-sharing partner on the C-390. We are already a risk-sharing partner on the Airbus Military A400M.”
She was speaking after a new flurry of reporting on the aircraft prompted by a press release issued in the United States by Hitco Carbon Composites that implied that it and DSA had become partners in the C-390 project.
The release, which quotes Kinley, states that Hitco “has entered into a long-term strategic agreement with DSA … to collaborate in composite components manufacturing for the … C-390.
DSA “and Hitco intend to produce composite components, such as the Aft Fuselage, ensuring that the aircraft meets established performance goals within aircraft weight targets. Enhanced, automated manufacturing solutions will be offered by these two companies to maximize customer value and affordability”.
The statement quotes Kinley as saying DSA is “pleased to have Hitco on board offering advanced manufacturing solutions for the Embraer C-390 program. Like them, we have invested in major plant upgrades and capital equipment. By entering into this relationship, we offer a great value-add to our customers.”
Kinley says the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding some time ago and adds there has been no new development regarding the aircraft in recent months.
“If they launch the C-390 we`d like to be a preferred a supplier. But we`d like to be a preferred supplier to everyone. That`s not news.”
It is not clear why Hitco released the statement this week but it might relate to positioning ahead of an upcoming aviation trade show.
The wikipedia describes the C-390 as a medium-sized twin-engined jet-powered military transport.
It will be the heaviest aircraft developed by the Latin American firm to date and is projected to be able to carry up to 19 metric tons of cargo, including wheeled armored vehicles.
Size-wise it is an aircraft is positioned between the twin-turboprop C-27J Spartan, with an 11.5mt payload and the C-130J Hercules with a 21.7mt payload. The aircraft will incorporate many of the technological solutions of the Embraer E-Jets series.
Embraer has said it sees a market for about 695 aircraft in this class in the next decade.