defenceWeb at Roodewal


The South African Air Force held its first air power demonstration for 2009 at the Roodewal bombing range today.    

The SAAF first demonstrated a “humanitarian situation” with a Douglas C47TP and Casa C212 dropping supplies. Next a Denel M1 Oryx did a medical evauation followed by another Oryx using a “bambi bucket” to extinguish a simulated blaze. 

On a more military note, troops were then inserted to capture a downed enemy pilot with Rooivalk attack helicopter support, before BAE Systems Mk120 Hawk lead-in fighter trrainers strafed targets and dropped 120kg ”iron” bombs on “Charlie Coke”. 

A C47TP peeks over the trees as it runs in to the drop zone.

The C47TP and a Casa C212 Aviocar pop up over the DZ.

Cargo away! 


An Oryx arrives for a Medevac.

Lifting the Medevac.

A pathfinder comes down.

A bambi bucket in action

A Rooivalk in action. 20mm firing. 

Effect on target.

The target burns.

An Oryx, targeted by a simulated surface-to-air missile, fires countermeasures. 

Countermeasures burn.

A AgustaWestland A109LUH Light Utility Helicopter comes in to land.

Rooivalk rocket strike! Two 16 Squadron Rooivalk fire at Charlie Coke

The target…

Hawk bombs on target

Apocolypse Now? A gaggle of SAAF helicopters including Rooivalk, Oryx and the  A109LUH fly in close formation. 

The transports come by… A Cessna C208 Caravan, a C212 and C47TP 

The fast jets approach… Two Saab Gripen ALFA (outboard) with three BAE Systems Mk120 Hawk LIFT.  

Another snap at the fast movers…

Four Hawk LIFTs fly by. Note the leader in its SA national colours livery.