Comoros crash black boxes to be sent to Paris


Both black boxes recovered from a Yemeni jet that plunged into the Indian Ocean off Comoros in June will be sent to Paris for study.

Only one person out of 153 on board survived the crash, which happened as the Yemenia Airbus A310-300 tried to land in bad weather on the final leg of a trip from France to Comoros, Reuters adds.

Chief investigator Mohamed Ali Abdou said experts in Paris would recover the contents of the two flight recorders, but that further analysis of the data would take place in Moroni.
“Bodies remain in the wreckage and recovery operations continue,” Abdou told Reuters. Six bodies have been brought up so far by deep-water recovery specialists aboard the U.S.-crewed EDT ARES ship, who also found the black boxes on Friday.

The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder should shed light on the cause of the accident, which officials say remains unknown. Corpses and wreckage have washed up hundreds of kilometres (miles) from the crash site.

The sole known survivor was a 14-year-old girl who clung to floating debris in rough seas for more than 12 hours.

Flight IY 626 was carrying 75 Comoran passengers, along with 65 French nationals, one Palestinian and one Canadian, according to the state-run Yemenia airline. Its crew were six Yemenis, two Moroccans, one Indonesian, one Ethiopian and a Filipina.