CLEARSKY counter-drone system aiming at African market


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) are becoming increasingly more available and affordable to the public. With that comes the risk of where and how they are used.

In response to the nefarious use of UAVs, Digital Global Systems has developed a counter-drone system called CLEARSKY.

CLEARSKY is a radio frequency (RF) situational awareness platform that detects and identifies all wireless activity between 50 MHz and 6 GHz. The system detects and locates mobile phones, LMR (land mobile radio system) devices, WiFi networks, jammers, two-way radios, wireless cameras and drones and their controller spanning a 2km range.

CLEARSKY detects and classifies the drone and their controller within two seconds, providing quicker reaction time to a possible threat. The CLEARSKY defence system then disrupts the controller’s ability to communicate with the drone.

The CLEARSKY base product is an autonomous dual receiver RF monitoring platform which is an autonomous and intelligent operation that supports long-term RF analysis and data collection. It is also capable of surveilling multiple bands of interest, has a simplified workflow that automates complex tasks, is managed remotely and has indoor and outdoors models.

CLEARSKY has a deep learning engine that minimizes false positives and makes the system accurate in chaotic RF environments (for example stadiums). For defence options, CLEARSKY supports Commshield and CommPoint. Commshield is omni-directional protection and has a coverage of 400 MHz to 6 GHz. CommPoint is a targeted countermeasure and is highly accurate at distances greater than 1.5km.

In addition, all information collected by CLEARSKY can be stored either on site or on the cloud and analytics can be preformed in the cloud for correlating events or patterns.

CLEARSKY can and is being utilised in airports, stadiums, prisons and utilities across the world, including the United Kingdom and Asia. Digital Globe Systems now intends to enter the African market and is looking to set up an agency on the continent.