CHU does Mandela Day in DR Congo


The South African composite helicopter unit (CHU) in Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) has an enviable reputation for doing the job during its time in the strife-torn central African country.

This approach also applies to the unit’s involvement with locals and was aptly demonstrated during the weekend’s Mandela Day as part of its social responsibility effort.

Following the accepted route of giving 67 minutes for a worthwhile cause, CHU personnel with OC Lieutenant Colonel AWR Segone and Chaplain Rev PR Mokone in the lead, the helicopter and medic crews put in their time at Cardinal Malula School. The unit adopted the school as part of its social responsibility commitment to develop and improve the school wherever it could.

Mandela Day saw a different approach with the SA Air Force (SAAF) and SA Military Health Service (SAMHS) personnel based at CHU’s Goma headquarters providing a nutritious meal, gifts and an insight into COVID-19 and what to do to stay safe. This was backed by masks and sanitisers for school staff and pupils.

“The 67 minutes drive at the school was well received and will remain a memorable occasion for all involved,” CHU’s Captain J Grundlingh said.