Cameroon Air Force operating another Bell 412EP


Cameroon’s Air Force has received a second Bell 412EP helicopter, boosting its fleet to four.

The aircraft (TJ-XRA) was cancelled from the US register on 20 September 2019 and transferred to Cameroon, transiting through the Netherlands in October. It was partially disassembled for the trip.

According to Air Forces Monthly, the aircraft (ex N412GC, C-FOEP) was built in 2006 and appears to be the second acquired in 2019, with one having been delivered in May (apparently TJ-XEM, ex C-FOFE).

Cameroon’s Air Force received its first two Bell 412EPs in February 2010, although one was lost in a fatal crash on 22 November 2010 and a replacement delivered in 2015.

Cameroon’s Bell 412s are used extensively by the BIR (Bataillons d’Intervention Rapide or Rapid Intervention Battalion) tasked with combating terrorists in the region. The helicopters carry out search and rescue, medical evacuation, transport and command support, air patrol and training support missions. They also are used for maritime surveillance in support of coastal forces, providing security to Cameroon’s offshore oil exploitation facilities. Anti-poaching patrols are another part of their duties.

Cameroon’s Air Force also has a couple of Mi-24V attack helicopters, several Gazelles armed with HOT anti-tank missiles, several Harbin Z-9s, several Mi-17V-5s, Bell 206B Jet Rangers, Pumas, Dauphins and Alouettes in its rotary wing fleet.