CAA Industry Awards


The SA Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has announced its inaugural Civil Aviation Industry Awards aimed at recognising individuals and companies for outstanding contributions to aviation.

“At any given time there is an aircraft taking off or landing somewhere in the world. Moreover, every time an aircraft takes off the lives of people on board are in the hands of aviation professionals. The seamless nature of air transport belies the intricate processes involved in aviation operations. As a result of these entrenched, harmonious and mature aviation processes we expect every take-off will result in an incident-free landing. Hence, few pause to ponder how and who is behind safe and secure air transportation.
“Behind the scenes there are thousands of individuals carrying out critical duties to safely and securely move passengers and goods from one point to another. Until now, no-one has made an effort to acknowledge the contributions of these individuals and companies across all aviation sectors in South Africa,” said Poppy Khoza, SACAA Director of Civil Aviation.

She sees the Civil Aviation Industry Awards changing the status quo and providing a platform to mark contributions of individuals and companies contributing to the country’s aviation safety and security record. She also hopes the Awards will provide exposure and the validation of participating individuals and organisations and create a process and platform to document essential case studies relating to the continued upkeep of high standards of aviation safety and security.

The timing of the launch of the awards coincides with the SACAA s 20th anniversary.
“The Awards take place on the back of last year’s aviation safety audit results and ahead of the looming aviation security audit to be undertaken by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).,” Khoza said.

Fourteen awards are up for grabs, making them inclusive and comprehensive. Awards will be assessed by an independent judging panel, chosen for experience in various aviation and business disciplines.
“We have a range of categories and winners will emerge from different spheres of aviation. We plan to make this an annual event attracting captains of aviation and each and every aviator in the country,” she said.

A full list of categories, and detailed information about the Civil Aviation Industry Awards, as well as how to enter, can be accessed via Enquiries should be emailed to: [email protected]. Award submissions will be accepted until September 13, 2018. Winners will receive their awards in October.