Brimet Projects keeping SAAF arrestor barriers in good standing


The South African Air Force has extended an existing contract with Brimet Projects to maintain and repair aircraft arrestor barrier systems in the SAAF. The R2.9 million workshare as awarded the Boksburg-based business last week.

Aircraft arrestor barriers are typically fitted to the ends of the main runways of bases where fast jet aircraft operate with the intent of stopping an aircraft by absorbing its forward momentum in an emergency landing or an aborted takeoff.

Brimet has been maintaining the SAAF’s arrestor barrier systems for some years. The total value of contracts and extensions awarded them amount to R6 587 982. In addition, the company has also been maintaining and repairing airfield landing systems under contracts and extensions worth R35 236 166 since 2007.

Maintenance and repair of aircraft arrestor barrier systems in the SAAF – extension of EMSS/2008/588

MSS/S2011/1206 30 Jun 2011 R2 976 455,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2010/1149 16 Sep 2010 R181 052,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2009/1110 25 Feb 2010 R38 967,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

Maintenance and repair of airfield landing systems – extension of EMSS/2008/407

MSS/S2010/1156 27 Oct 2010 R127 543,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2010/1144 19 Aug 2010 R701 754,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2010/1136 29 Jul 2010 R2 288 881,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2010/1109 7 Jul 2010 R280 702,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

Maintenance, supply and support of aircraft arrestor barrier systems in the South African Air Force

EMSS/2008/588 3 Sep 2009 R2 328 780,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

Maintenance and support of airfield landing systems in the South African Air Force bases

EMSS/2008/407 6 Aug 2009 R20 045 775,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

Limited integrated maintenance logistic support of airfield landing systems – extension of EGSS/2003/145

MSS/S2008/1001 22 Dec 2008 R877 192,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2008/0933 12 Jun 2008 R3 173 070,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2007/0902 6 Dec 2007 R543 000,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2007/0884 4 Oct 2007 R3 910 241,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2007/0867 21 Jun 2007 R877 000,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2007/0848 31 May 2007 R2 105 263,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2007/0845 3 May 2007 R305 745,50 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

Logistic support for arrestor barrier systems – extension of EGSS/2003/91

MSS/S2008/0954 12 Jun 2008 R122 807,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

MSS/S2007/0904 18 Dec 2007 R939 921,00 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd

Air Force Base Ysterplaat Helicopter Landing Facilities

EMSS/2007/524 29 May 2008 R2 386 632,90 Brimet Projects (Pty) Ltd