Brazil sells UAV to Africa


Brazilian company Flight Tech has sold Horus FT-100 mini-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to an African country, in a first for Brazil.

The three UAVs will be delivered late this year to the undisclosed customer, with options for more sales in 2015. The deal includes logistical support.

The Horus FT-100 is designed for short range reconnaissance missions and can be used for target acquisition, perimeter security and supporting infiltration and exfiltration, its manufacturer said. In the private sector it can be used for aerial surveying. The aircraft has an endurance of 1-2 hours and an operational range of 10-15 km. It is battery powered, weights 6-7 kg and has a 2.7 metre wingspan. Cruise speed is 33 knots.

Payloads include electro-optical and infrared cameras, signals intelligence equipment and a laser pointer. Flight Tech says the UAV can survey up to 4 000 hectares per flight.

The Horus is launched manually and can be recovered via skis. The system can be packed into bags for transport by two people.

Flight Tech’s UAVs have been designed in cooperation with the Brazilian armed forces through the Military Institute of Engineering and Technology Centre. The company is certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Defence.