Boeing to supply mission systems for AHRLAC


Boeing will supply mission systems for the military version of Paramount’s AHRLAC multi-role aircraft, which has been rebranded the Mwari.

Boeing on Tuesday said it will develop an integrated mission system for the aircraft enabling intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and light strike missions for the AHRLAC safety and security and military variants known as Mwari.

Speaking from the Global Aerospace Summit in Abu Dhabi, Jeffrey Johnson, Vice President, Boeing Military Aircraft, Business Development of Boeing Defense, Space & Security said: “Working with Paramount, we’ll not only bring a flexible, persistent and affordable aircraft to the international market, but we’ll also be developing world-class technology in Africa.”

Johnson said that Boeing has examined the aircraft extensively and believe they have found an opportunity to expand into a market untouched by their company. Johnson added that Boeing will actively market the aircraft with Paramount Group in the international market.
“Boeing has a worldwide footprint in parts and field services and logistics that we hope we can utilize too in our portfolio of products from very high-end costly fighters all the way down to very cost effective products. This now helps us with access to a market that we have never been involved in,” Johnson said.

The military version of the Advanced High-performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC) is now known as the Mwari, but the unarmed version remains the AHRLAC. The Mwari name was previously used by a Paramount unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which will now be renamed.
“The multi-role aircraft will become a significant player in the global aerospace industry,” Ivor Ichikowitz, the executive chairman of Paramount Group as quoted by the UAE’s The National as saying on Sunday. “We believe in the commercial success of the aircraft and its impact on the future of the African aerospace industry by boosting advanced technologies, job creation and skills development.”

Boeing and Paramount first announced cooperation in 2014, which was cemented with a signing ceremony at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show in September that year. The two companies revealed they would cooperate in areas such as unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics and helicopters.

At the time, Paramount Group Executive Chairman Ivor Ichikowitz said that, “There will be specific collaboration in the UAV space, we are looking at collaboration in the robotics space and collaboration in the rotor wing space, we’re looking at collaboration on their platforms and our mission systems. There are lots of possibilities. There are opportunities in the naval space, there are opportunities to support US Africom activities in Africa.”