Boeing nets seven orders for 737s in last week

Boeing took orders for seven new 737 aircraft in the week ended Aug. 18, the company said yesterday.
The changes in the order book for Boeing Commercial Airplanes bring the company’s net orders to 47 for 2009. Boeing took 136 orders and 89 cancellations this year.
Boeing did not say who placed the order for the 737s.
Boeing and its rival Airbus have suffered this year as carriers and air cargo operators grapple with economic recession in many parts of the world.
US senators want 12 more Boeing C-17 planes
A group of US senators urged funding for 12 more C-17 military transport airplanes yesterday, saying that the Boeing production line must stay open to preserve national security and maintain a viable aerospace industry.
The senators urged funding for the planes in the Defense Appropriations bill for fiscal 2010, which begins Oct. 1, in a letter to the leaders of the Senate Appropriations Committee.
Democratic Senators Chris Dodd and Barbara Boxer and Republican Kit Bond, along with 15 colleagues, said that the C-17 was essential for transporting troops and equipment to and from Iraq and Afghanistan.
That need would not end any time soon, they said.
Congress earlier this year included money for eight C-17s in a bill funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pic: South Africa’s Inkwazi aircraft- Boeing 737