Boeing committed to funding F-15 Silent Eagle development

Boeing plans to field a stealthy derivative of the F-15, dubbed the “Silent Eagle”, by the third quarter of next year.
The announcement came at the Paris Air Show following meetings with potential customers and reaffirmed a commitment to the prototype program made by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems President and CEO Jim Albaugh at the air show on June 14.

The F-15 Silent Eagle, which Boeing launched in March, advances the most modern variants of the F-15 multi-role strike fighter with enhanced survivability.

Features include a digital electronic warfare suite coupled to an Advanced Electronically Scanned Array radar for enhanced situational awareness, aerodynamic improvements and cost-effective radar cross-section reduction technologies.
“We know from talking with current international F-15 operators that they are very interested in the capabilities of the Silent Eagle,” said Albaugh.
“Making this commitment to get the program through to a flight demonstration will ultimately help international customers understand how this aircraft meets their need for a flexible, long-range, large-payload, high-speed, multi-role strike fighter with reduced observability.”

Boeing will conduct further trade studies to allow new F-15 technologies to be brought to market. In addition, Boeing will continue discussions with a number of international aerospace companies about potential co-development opportunities.