Boeing CEO has confidence in new 787 schedule

Boeing Co has “a lot of confidence” in its plan to test fly its 787 Dreamliner by the end of the year, Chief Executive Jim McNerney said.
Speaking on a webcast of a Morgan Stanley conference, McNerney said Boeing and its chief rival, EADS unit Airbus, have been chastened by embarrassing production glitches for Boeing’s 787 and the superjumbo Airbus A380, Reuters reports.
Boeing this year again delayed the first test flight of its revolutionary carbon-composite 787. The delay was a blow to Boeing’s credibility and drew criticism from customers. The company issued a new test flight and delivery schedule last week.
“At the end of the day, I think customers value people who deliver and not people who promise,” McNerney said. “And that’s what we had to relearn.”
The A380 is being delivered to customers two years late due to wiring problems. Meanwhile, Boeing and Airbus are suffering from weak demand as airlines grapple with a sagging economy.
McNerney said Boeing has learned not to promise a timetable that it cannot meet.
“We’re going to be far more disciplined in the next couple of developments,” McNerney said.
Also, Boeing confirmed an order from Turkmenistan Airlines for three 737-700s worth about $192 million (R1490 million) at list prices.

Pic: Boeing 787 Dreamliner