BAE Systems debuts Herti


In this World Wide Wrap: BAE Systems debuts Herti, USAF demonstrates aerial refuelling, General Dynamics awarded $91m contract, and Australian Navy selects Saab.

BAE Systems debuts Herti

Fresh from an RAF deployment to Afghanistan, one of the world`s first fully developed autonomous unmanned air vehicles (UAV) will makes its Far East debut at LIMA 2007.

Developed by BAE Systems, the unmanned air system, known as Herti, is one of a new generation of UAVs suitable for both military and civil operations.

With its ability to take off, complete a full mission and land – all at the click of a computer mouse –Herti has been designed to meet a variety of operational needs while removing the need for an operator or pilot to control the aircraft from the ground.

USAF demonstrates aerial refuelling

Can an unmanned air vehicle be made smart enough to autonomously rendezvous with a tanker aircraft and refuel? Based on recently concluded flight tests by the US Air Force Research Laboratory and Boeing, it can.

"By adding an automated aerial refuelling capability to UAVs, we can significantly increase their combat radius and mission times while reducing their forward staging needs and response times," said David Riley, Boeing Phantom Works programme manager for the Automated Aerial Refuelling (AAR) programme.

The goal of the government-industry AAR programme is to develop and demonstrate systems that will enable UAVs to safely approach and manoeuvre around tanker aircraft so they can successfully perform boom and receptacle refuelling operations.

General Dynamics awarded $91m contract

The US Navy has awarded General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems a $91 million contract to continue providing modifications and support for fire control systems aboard US and UK ballistic missile submarines, and for the attack weapons control system aboard US guided missile submarines.

General Dynamics will provide operational support, repair, installation, checkout, development, production and training systems for US and UK submarines.

In addition, the contract includes development to extend the life of the Mk 6 missile guidance system.

Australian Navy selects Saab

Saab Systems signed a contract worth A$105 million with Tenix Marine to design and develop the combat management system for Australia`s new landing helicopter dock amphibious class of ships.

Saab and Tenix have agreed on a contract that will see Saab responsible for design, development and integration of the new ships` combat management system.

Saab will supply the next-generation 9LV combat management system based upon open architecture and the naval surveillance radar Sea Giraffe AMB. Special features of the system will include helicopter control, watercraft control and close in self-defence against military and asymmetric threats.