ATE wins R7.6m Hawk repair & overhaul order


Advanced Technologies & Engineering (ATE) has been awarded a R7.6 million order to repair d overhaul components for the South African Air Force’s fleet of 24 BAE Systems Hawk Mk120 lead-in fighter trainers. The aircraft were delivered between 2006 and 2008.

The work, awarded last Thursday, is an extension of an existing contract signed in 2007. It takes the value of support for the fighter aircraft to R286 707 256.21. The work has been placed with BAE Systems, ATE, Denel Aviation and other companies.

Part of the 1999 Strategic Defence Package, the first two aircraft were delivered to the SAAF on May 24, 2006 and the last by August 2008. National Treasury that year said the 24 aircraft acquired as Project Winchester had cost R7.2 billion. With the exception of Hawk SA 250, the flight test and development aircraft, which was built in the United Kingdom, all of its other Hawks were assembled at Denel’s aircraft factory at Johannesburg International Airport in Kempton Park east of Johannesburg.

Under a reciprocal industrial participation agreement, Denel for a while became the exclusive manufacturer of tailplanes, airbrakes and flaps for the Hawk programme, with these components already being incorporated onto aircraft operated by or being built for South Africa, India, Bahrain and the UK’s Royal Air Force.

The Hawk Mk120 was selected over the Czech Aero Vodochody L39/59/139, the German/US Dasa/Boeing Ranger 2000, the Italian Aermacchi MB339 and the Russian MAPO MiG-AT and Russo-Italian Aermacchi/Yakovlev YAK130. The basic design dates to 1968 when the then-Hawker-Siddeley aircraft company was asked to propose a successor to the Folland Gnat. The design, innovative for its time, was named the Hawk in 1973 and flew in 1974. It entered RAF service in 1976. The Hawk Mk120 LIFT and other “second generation” Hawks (Mks 127 and 128) only have 10% commonality with the original and feature new wings, forward and centre fuselage, fin and tailplane. The new variants are also said to have four times the fatigue life of the original.

Repair/overhaul of components for the SA Air Force’s hawk aircraft – extension of ELGS/2007/597

LGS/S2011/4697 21 Apr 2011 R7 653 504,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

LGS/S2010/4416 17 Jun 2010 R9 700 000,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

LGS/S2009/4298 17 Mar 2010 R688 960,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

LGS/S2009/4170 29 Oct 2009 R8 771 929,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

LGS/S2009/4036 20 Aug 2009 R2 156 643,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

LGS/S2008/3870 5 Feb 2009 R2 900 000,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

Repair of the Hawk aircraft engine for the SAAF

ELGS/2009/591 23 Mar 2011 R5 000 000,00 Rolls Royce PLC

Detonator percussion cartridge for Hawk miniature detonating cord

EDWU/2010/171 20 Jan 2011 R587 697,45 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

Interim product support for the SA Air Force”s hawk fighter aircraft – extension of ELGS/2006/193

LGS/S2010/4593 22 Dec 2010 R1 243 811,95 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

LGS/S2010/4406 17 Jun 2010 R9 657 067,26 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

LGS/S2010/4355 14 Apr 2010 R8 999 062,13 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

LGS/S2009/4054 20 Aug 2009 R95 000 000,00 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

LGS/S2009/4009 2 Jul 2009 R10 000 000,00 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

LGS/S2008/3865 25 Jun 2009 R9 000 000,00 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

LGS/S2008/3875 12 Feb 2009 R40 000 000,00 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

LGS/S2007/3538 18 Oct 2007 R10 000 000,00 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

Product support for the SA Air Force’s Hawk aircraft components, ground support and test equipment – extension of ELGS/2007/519

LGS/S2010/4518 20 Oct 2010 R1 358 050,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a Denel Aviation

LGS/S2009/4230 11 Feb 2010 R142 983,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a Denel Aviation

LGS/S2009/4198 26 Nov 2009 R782 883,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a Denel Aviation

LGS/S2009/4021 6 Aug 2009 R1 953 821,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a Denel Aviation

Ejection seat spares for the Hawk aircraft

EMSS/2010/92 30 Sep 2010 R313 541,55 Martin Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd

Procurement of ejection seat cartridges for SAAF Hawk aircraft

EDWU/2009/421 9 Jun 2010 R1 546 286,40 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Hawk ejection seat components for the SAAF

EMSS/2009/472 3 Jun 2010 R2 334 304,64 Martin Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd

Calibration of Hawk aircraft inertial measurement and global positioning system – extension of ELGS/2006/253

LGS/S2010/4389 3 Jun 2010 R2 368 421,00 Denel t/a Denel Dynamics

LGS/S2009/4018 6 Aug 2009 R2 025 973,00 Denel t/a Denel Aerospace Systems

Costing and feasibility study for a Helmet Mounted sight on lead in fighter trainer Hawk Mk 120 aircraft

ETEL/2009/395 25 Feb 2010 R2 026 000,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

Integration, certification and installation of digital video recorders and supply of cockpit video replay systems for Hawk Mk120 aircraft

EWIN/2009/209 12 Nov 2009 R12 998 570,67 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

Procurement of 30 mm ADEN inert ammunition for the 2009/2010 financial year

ETMG/2009/310 5 Nov 2009 R186 250,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Procurement of igniter and frangible pillar assembly M0823A1

EDWU/2009/320 5 Nov 2009 R145 822,20 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP
30 mm Aden ammunition

EDWU/2009/256 8 Oct 2009 R4 593 400,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP
30 mm high explosive ammunition for the 2009/2010 financial year

EDWU/2009/67 6 Aug 2009 R4 539 400,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Hawk parachute components for the South African Air Force

EMSS/2008/378 6 Aug 2009 R2 646 926,46 Martin Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd

Component, LRU and SRU Repair/ overaul & GS & TE Calibration for the SAAF’s Hawk MK120 aircraft

ELGS/2007/519 29 Jan 2009 R3 000 000,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a Denel Aviation

Frangible pillar for the hawk aircraft – extension of EDWU/2007/370

DWU/S2008/0492 2 Oct 2008 R25 156,80 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Repair/overhaul of hawk components

ELGS/2007/597 14 Aug 2008 R3 000 000,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

Upgrade, Install and Commission of the hawk MK120 Aircraft’s Navigation Weapon System Integration Bench (NWSIB)

EWIN/2007/522 11 Sep 2008 R2 871 748,00 Advanced Technologies & Engineering

Rounds 30 mm M0241A1 and M0242A1

ETMG/2007/549 12 Jun 2008 R4 065 200,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Frangible pillar assembly PAF205-002

EDWU/2007/370 6 Jun 2008 R683 506,70 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Physical identification of 30 mm M0242A1 practice round

ETMG/2006/674 11 Jul 2007 R212 448,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Ejection seat cartridges for SAAF Hawk Aircraft

EDWU/2007/23 28 Jun 2007 R1 170 580,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Auto deployment unit Cartridges for RSA Hawk aicraft ejection seat

EDWU/2006/571 10 May 2007 R210 700,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Round 30 mm HEI M0241A1

ETMG/2006/455 27 Mar 2007 R1 800 810,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a PMP

Hawk Centralised Training School maintenance support

EBEB/2006/567 29 Mar 2007 R225 504,00 Mountain Range Investment
t/a BD Private Consulting

Interim product support for the Hawk LIFT aircraft

ELGS/2006/193 26 Feb 2007 R8 000 000,00 BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome

Preliminary hazard analysis to determine the level of software assurance in terms of RTCA DO-278/ED-109 for a radio switching system for the South African Air Force

ETEL/2006/360 9 Feb 2007 R120 140,00 Epsilon Engineering Services