ATE clinches Kiwit export order

Midrand-based Advanced Technologies & Engineering (ATE) says it has secured a first export order for its Kiwit Mini Aerial Observation System (MAOS).

Kiwit made is debut at last September`s Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show in Cape Town.

A company spokesman says the sale to an undisclosed Asian country brings the hand-launched UAV to production status.
The Kiwit has an endurance of one hour at an altitude of 500 feet above ground level and can perform aerial observation tasks at ranges of up to 5km.
The air vehicle weighs 3.5 kg and takes 10 minutes to assemble.
Kiwit was derived from the Vulture Tactical UAV now in service with the South African Army Artillery Formation and has a high degree of component commonality.
Vulture has meanwhile progressed to the point where it is operationally been deployed during live firings for the purpose of target acquisition, fall-of-shot detection and artillery fire correction.