Angolan An-32 destroyed by fire after emergency landing


The Angolan Air Force has lost one of its Antonov An-32 transport aircraft following an emergency landing and subsequent fire that destroyed the aircraft.

The aircraft was flying from Saurimo Airport to Luanda airport on February 14 when it experienced a technical failure. The crew diverted to Malanje airport and performed an emergency landing at around 20:00 but since there were no runway lights on and no air traffic control, the aircraft overran the runway and caught fire.

The An-32 was carrying 47 soldiers and three crew, but all were able to safely exit the aircraft before it burnt out. However, Network Angola reported that there were six minor injuries.

Angolan Air Force chief Lieutenant General Adriano Neto said at a press conference that the crew did the best they could after one of the aircraft’s engines failed. He added that the loss of the aircraft would not disrupt the Air Force’s operations.

The Angolan Air Force is believed to have three An-32s in service as well as a dozen An-26s.

The crash is the second to hit the Angolan Air Force this year – on January 21 an Alouette III crashed during a display marking the 39th anniversary of the Air Force. Two pilots were seriously hurt in the incident.