Algerian Air Force C-130 destroyed in runway excursion


An Algerian Air Force C-130 Hercules transport has been destroyed in a runway excursion after returning from a training exercise.

Photos show the aircraft broken into at least two pieces. According to Algerian media, the aircraft was destroyed after landing at Biskra Airport in northern Algeria on 3 June. It had been conducting a parachuting exercise, dropping 70 paratroopers, and had ten people on board when it landed. Eight of them may have been injured in the accident but reports differ – some sources say all survived without injury while other sources suggest one crewmember was killed.

The accident follows the deadly crash on 11 April of an Ilyushin Il-76TD transport near Boufarik Air Base, which killed 257 people on board.

Another Algerian Air Force C-130 was lost in a crash in June 2003, with a dozen killed, and on 11 February 2014, a C-130 crashed at Oum Bouaghi near Constantine Airport, killing 74.