Algeria modernising Su-24s


The Algerian Air Force is overhauling and upgrading its Su-24 strike aircraft fleet, with the first six at the 514 Aviation Repair Plant in Russia.

Photographs show six Algerian Air Force Su-24MK/MK2 Fencer aircraft being overhauled at the 514 Aviation Repair Plant near Rzhev in Russia, Scramble Magazine reports.

Algeria’s Air Force is understood to have some 35 Su-24s in its inventory, with the whole fleet to undergo modernisation and upgrade at the Rzhev facility. They will be upgraded to Su-24M2 standard – the same as Russian Air Force aircraft.

The upgrade includes the addition of the SVP-24 Gefest navigation and attack system incorporating new sensors, GLONASS global positioning system and other modifications (trajectory computer, atmospheric and inertia sensors, encrypted data link and head-up display) for greater weapons delivery accuracy.

The system allows the Su-24 to use older unguided munitions but with far greater accuracy, thus keeping costs to a minimum. It calculates the aircraft’s position while monitoring weather, speed, angle of attack etc. for optimum weapons delivery from up to 5 000 metres altitude. No laser markers or modifications to the bombs are required, allowing old stock weapons to be used.

The SVP-24 system has been used by Russian in Syria and apparently its success there prompted Algeria to upgrade its aircraft. The SVP-24 system has apparently been fitted to Russian Su-24, Su-25, Tu-22M3, Ka-50 and Ka-52 aircraft.