Algeria interested in Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter


Algeria has expressed interest in the Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter and requested a demonstration in the country, which will take place within the next couple of months.

Russian news agency TASS reported on 23 June that Kamov’s annual report notes it received a 90 million rouble (USD1.7 million) contract on 8 December 2014 to for the demonstration.
“The Contractor shall provide services for the preparation and organization of the show of the military helicopter Ka-52 for a potential buyer in the Republic of Algeria (July-August 2015),” the report states.

During the Paris Air Show last week, the head of Rosoboronexport’s delegation Sergei Kornev said that the Ka-52 had received its first foreign order but did not disclose who the customer was or how many aircraft were ordered.

In February last year Algeria signed a $2.7 billion weapons contract with Russia, which includes 42 Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters and modernisation of 39 of the Algerian Air Force’s Mi-171Sh (Mi-8AMTSh) helicopters. They will be modified at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and will receive upgraded armament. Algeria also ordered Mi-26T2 heavy lift helicopters.

As it will operate the Mi-28, Algeria may be interested in the naval variant of the Ka-52.

The Ka-52 Alligator is a development of the Ka-50 Black Shark. The Ka-52 is in service with the Russian Air Force, which has ordered 146 Ka-52s while Russian naval aviation will receive 32 navalised Ka-52Ks. Production began in 2008.