Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master makes its 1000th flight

The new M-346 Master advanced trainer designed by Alenia Aermacchi has reached the symbolic 1000-flight milestone.
The flight was made by the third prototype, representative of the pre-series M-346 standard, the company said in a news release.

The thousand flights covered a broad range of missions, from aircraft testing and development to the displaying to the many interested Air Forces and ferry flights for international demo tours for important aviation events.

In December last year the first M-346 achieved the speed of Mach 1.17, thereby becoming the fastest Italian-designed aeroplane of all time.

Long ferry flights, the completion of air-to-air refuelling tests and angles of attack of over 30 degrees, indicate the significance of the results achieved so far and the overall development of the programme, which is now close to its complete maturity.

In addition to Alenia Aermacchi test pilots, the three M-346 have already been flown by over 40 Italian military pilots and by over 70 from other countries worldwide, including those of the United Arab Emirates, whose Air Forces selected 48 M-346s in February this year, and those of Singapore, where the M-346 is participating in the competition for the aircraft and a complete integrated training system.