Airbus sees 20-yr demand for 1,000 aircraft in Germany


Airbus sees demand from Germany for more than 1,000 new passenger aircraft and freighters over the next two decades, worth $148 billion, as German air travel is growing, the planemaker said on the opening day of the ILA Berlin Air Show.

The figures were part of the planemaker’s global market forecast which also predicted average annual traffic growth of 4.1 percent for Europe in the period while routes to the Middle East should rise 5.4 percent and Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America together could grow 4.6 percent.

For Germany, new passenger and freight aircraft will include 690 single-aisle jetliners, more than 230 twin-aisle medium to long-range wide-body planes and close to 100 very large airliners such as the A380, Airbus said in a statement, Reuters reports.
“German airlines will take more aircraft than any other European country and globally is one the top five countries,” said Chris Emerson, SVP Future Programmes and Market Strategy. “This demand is driven by Germany’s position as a major aviation gateway for its own people and for globally connecting passengers.”