Airbus ready for a tough 2009

Airbus CEO Tom Enders says his company is ready to face 2009, which he expects to be a demanding year.
Airbus ready for a tough 2009
Airbus CEO Tom Enders says his company is ready to face 2009, which he expects to be a demanding year.
He says the European aircraft manufacturing giant remains in a strong competitive position because of actions taken by the company during the past two years – many of which were “challenging and difficult” for the business.  
“Because Airbus has moved forward with these efforts, we have confidence in ourselves, our company has grown, and the ‘can-do’ team spirit is back,” Enders said at a media briefing at Airbus headquarters at Toulouse, France yesterday where he also announced the company`s 2008 financial results.
“This shows that we are progressing on our long journey to reenergize and revitalise Airbus. All the while, we have not taken our eye off what really counts – our business and the customer,” he added.
“We all know that 2009 will be a very challenging year for the aeronautics industry. At Airbus we are prepared and confident: our leadership team is aligned, our workforce is motivated again, integration is progressing well and we have a solid financial basis, thanks to our improvement programs, our prudent cash and production management, and our strong order book,” Enders said in prepared comments. 
Summarising the past year, Enders said Airbus delivered a new record number of aircraft in 2008: 483, 30 more than in 2007. Of these, 386 are members of the A320 family, 85 of the A330/A340 tribe and 12 A380s.  

The order intake is also “remarkably strong”.

Overall, Airbus won 777 net orders (900 new gross orders) valued at US$100 billion at catalogue prices or 54% of market share of all aircraft units over 100 seats.
These include 472 A320 Family aircraft, 138 Long-Range aircraft (A330/A340) and nine A380s.
The recently launched A350 XWB won 163 new firm orders increasing the total to 478 from 29 customers, making it the fastest selling aircraft in aviation history.
On the military side, EADS CASA signed orders in 2008 for 18 A330-200 ‘Multi-Role-Tanker-Transport` (MRTT) aircraft, bringing the total order book to 23 aircraft for four customer air forces.
In addition, Airbus and its US partner Northrop Grumman won the A330-based KC45 Tanker programme. “However, following the intervention of politics and the halting of the award, Northrop Grumman with Airbus are gearing-up to take a second shot later this year, especially as we are confident that the KC45 offers the best product the US Air Force. Moreover, other air forces have already acknowledged that the A330 is clearly the tanker platform of choice.” the company`s annual review of 2008 states.   
At 2008 year end, Airbus had increased its backlog to a new record of 3,715 aircraft, equalling six years of full production. “These figures underline the continuing strong demand for Airbus products,” the company says.  

Airbus` turn-around programme, “Power 8” again exceeded targets for the second year in a row, delivering cost savings of about 1.3 billion Euros. The savings are over half way towards the 2010 objective and Power 8+ will add a further 650 million euros in savings by 2012.

Airbus’ overall order volume at 31 December totalled 9215, with total deliveries reaching the 5500 mark.