Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa not Eurocopter from July


As of next month Eurocopter Southern Africa will disappear to be replaced by Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa in line with the rebranding of the former EADS Group under the name of its flagship division Airbus.

Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa, operating from Grand Central airport in Midrand, Gauteng, will not change at all, apart from the name chief executive officer Arnaud Montalvo said in a statement.
“At present helicopter names and designations remain unchanged,” he said.

The operation remains a fully owned subsidiary of the Airbus Helicopters Group.

A statement from the then newly rebranded Airbus Helicopters in January said the change “works hand in hand in our ongoing transformation, bolstered by the Airbus brand’s strong foundation in innovation, quality and industrial excellence. These will all serve our ambition of setting the industry standard in terms of safety, mission capability and performance for our operators around the world”.