Airbus Helicopters brings Fleetkeeper to South Africa


Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa (AHZA) is offering its Fleetkeeper electronic technical logbook and electronic flight folio to customers and operators in South Africa, following its authorisation by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

The company said that Fleetkeeper allows helicopter owners, pilots, maintenance and airworthiness managers to track flight hours, flight cycles and any other information regarding maintenance. It provides a helicopter’s airworthiness status to the pilots and records technical events during aircraft operation and any additional maintenance or repairs performed in-between scheduled base maintenance visits. Data is transferred and saved to an Airbus secure server. Access is via mobile and web applications for iPads and computers, and is hosted on a secured cloud-based platform.

Airbus Helicopters said Fleetkeeper also enables a much closer interface between the helicopter owner/operator and Airbus as the aircraft manufacturer so that maintenance, including the provision of parts, is managed efficiently with minimum down-time and subsequent loss of productivity and revenue for the operator.
“We’re delighted to make this efficient application available to our South African customers and operators and intend to offer it in other parts of Southern and East Africa soon. We are currently in the process of securing similar authorisations from civil aviation authorities in other African countries, including Namibia and Kenya,” explained AHZA Managing Director, Arnaud Montalvo.

Fleetkeeper has already been approved by the civil aviation authorities of France, Singapore and Philippines, with more approvals processes underway around the world. An Airbus Helicopters spokesman said that South Africa represents its largest single market in Africa and has also been the first country on the continent to permit the use of Fleetkeeper. “Airworthiness authorities in our other African markets, e.g. Kenya, have also been approached and we anticipate their consent in the coming weeks and months,” AHZA spokesman Linden Birns said.

He added that, “South Africa also provides us with a strong base of existing Airbus helicopter owners and operators including a number of corporates, private individuals, para-public organisations e.g. the SA Police Service Airwing, SANParks and also the SA Air Force. Airbus products occupy the largest share of the South African market for turbine-powered helicopters. Airbus also has a strong presence in the South African commercial airliner market with SAA and Global Aviation (one of Africa’s largest leasing companies) among its operator community.”

Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa is responsible for sales, training, customer and product support on a fleet of around 250 helicopters in service with civil, law enforcement, emergency services, military and para-public operators throughout Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. It also supports customers at its Cape Town International Airport satellite and in Kenya at its line maintenance station at Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. AHZA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus’s Helicopters business division. It employs about 90 people and in 2015 generated R724 million in turnover.