Airbus diversifies into navigation


Pan-European airplane giant Airbus has diversified its business and will from July offer aerospace navigation services to airlines, airports and relevant authorities through its new “Quovadis” business. 

Airbus says Quovadis, a new 100% subsidiary, will be based in Toulouse and will sell and provide “Required Navigation Performance” (RNP) services to clients, ranging from RNP procedures design, testing and flight operations packaging, to RNP training.

To support the new business, Airbus has already signed a cooperation agreement for RNP procedure design with the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) in Toulouse, and CGx AERO in SYS, a specialist in aeronautical and geographic information systems based in Castres, France.
“Airbus has been very committed to this new technology over the last few years with a very positive outcome, and the launch of Quovadis is evidence of Airbus’ commitment to develop further and provide new services which bring value to aircraft operators,” said Charles Champion, Executive Vice president, Customer Services.

RNP is a navigation technique, which allows aircraft to fly precisely along a predefined route using state-of-the-art onboard navigation system and Global Positioning System.

RNP improves the efficiency, capacity and environmental performance of the global air transportation system. This navigation technology is the trend of future navigation, recommended by ICAO, and shows significant operational benefits. These benefits include:

·         improved precision of flight operation;

·         increased access to airports, particularly in low visibility conditions whilst requiring fewer ground-based instrument landing aids; and

·         lower flight time and fuel consumption; and lower noise and emissions.